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Presentations & Facilitations

I'd be delighted to present to your Board, Team, event or conference, or facilitate a customized training or retreat for you. 

The Power of Stories: Integrating Planned Giving into marketing and communications strategies 

Gift Planning Then and Now: what we’re learning in the time of COVID-19

Your Planned Giving Fears and How to Fix Them 

Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour from Donors and Volunteers 

Now is the Time: Crucial conversations you need to be having with your leadership about Planned Giving

Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour from Donors and Volunteers - A Conversation for your Team and Board 


The Potential for Planned Giving – Presentation and facilitation of discussion for Boards & Leadership  

Creating and Connecting – a team-building retreat using art to facilitate discussion

Building a Culture of Philanthropy in your Organisation - a team building exercise or a presentation

Developing an Integrated Planned Giving Program - starting with the basics

Buried Treasure: Exploring ways to Identify, Cultivate, Solicit and Steward your Planned Giving Donors 

How to make Professional Allies - for Maximum Impact on your Work with Donors 

The Philanthropic Conversation between Advisors and their Clients: Why it’s important and how to have it 

Building and Sustaining Relationships – the most important work you do

The Fundamentals of Fundraising for Nonprofit Boards 

Do the Right Thing: Ethics in Fundraising - for Teams & Boards

What is the future of generosity?

Inappropriate Behaviour from Donors and Volunteers
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