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Planning to change the world for the better

Why work with me?

My mission is to increase the capacity of nonprofits to build and sustain fundraising revenue.

I have the highest respect for my fellow fundraising professionals. I know that one of your biggest day-to-day challenges is simply not having enough time or the resources, both human and financial, to allow you to achieve all your goals. You take your mission seriously and you know that there are areas where you can grow. You believe in professionalism, integrity and ethical practices.  You have considerable strengths that we can build on as we do this work together - you’re ready to invest in the process.  

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What can we accomplish together?

I can work with you and your team to design made to measure programs and processes to empower your strategic direction and give wings to your mission.

I’ve worked in development for over 30 years and have leadership experience in the creation, management and evaluation of diverse non-profit programs, as well as in raising significant funds for them. I can work alongside you to analyse your challenges and build on your strengths.  I can help you identify opportunities and find solutions that will expand your capacity to deliver in the areas which will bring you the best return on your investment.  

I bring the unique ability of a change agent who can work with you to plan strategically from the big picture perspective while simultaneously designing the detailed processes underlying a successful development program. 

What won't I do?

I am not going to give you cookie cutter solutions. You understand the dynamics, politics, strengths and challenges of your organisation the best.  I will take the time to familiarise myself with your culture, get to know how your organisation functions and analyse your resources in people and programs. I can then work with you to adapt or develop the best practices, strategies and structures which fit your particular environment, needs and objectives. 

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